How does CBD Make You Feel?

If you haven’t gotten on the CBD train yet, consider this your first stop. After all, reports like the one below are only going to make it more mainstream as time goes on. While still controversial in some places across the country (we’re looking at you, South Dakota), CBD is gaining momentum as a way to treat everything from nausea and seizures to pain and anxiety. So the next time someone asks “how long does it take for cbd to work?”, you have no reason to hesitate or worry about being judged. Here are some of the most popular ways that people say they experience benefits with cannabidiol.

CBD and Anxiety:

“I take CBD every morning when I wake up to start my day. As someone who works in mental health, I’ve always had a special interest in [mental health] therapeutics. But [it’s] good to see so many people finding help with cannabidiol—which, in my experience, works better than most prescription psychiatric drugs.”

CBD and Pain:

“I started using CBD oil to help manage the pain I was experiencing from psoriatic arthritis. The treatments that were prescribed by my doctor just weren’t doing enough for me—and once I’d tried CBD, I knew that I’d be sticking with it for a long time. I had tried everything that Western medicine had to offer, but CBD has provided me more relief than anything else.”

CBD and Nausea:

“I’m currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer at the moment—so nausea is really one of my biggest concerns right now. It’s been hard to get the treatment that I need because of how severe my nausea is—but since starting on CBD, it’s been a lot easier to manage.”

“I was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma—which is a pretty rare type of cancer. After going through surgery and chemotherapy, I ended up using CBD because it really helped with nausea I was experiencing. After trying everything else, this is what worked best for me.”

CBD and Chronic Pain:

“It’s been about two years since my last surgery. I had to have a total knee replacement after dealing with osteoarthritis for so many years—and I started using CBD as a way to manage the chronic pain that I was still experiencing and trying to avoid taking too many prescription opioids. CBD has really helped with my knee pain—and it’s worked better than anything else that I’ve tried before.”

CBD and Sleep:

“I’ve been using cannabidiol for a few months now, and one of the things that’s really helped me with it is my sleep. I’ve always been a pretty anxious person in general—that seems to be something that runs in our family—and [CBD has] done more for my anxiety than anything else I’ve tried before.”

“I usually take CBD right before bed in order to relax and help my muscles unwind. I’ve been a professional athlete for a long time, so managing pain has always been important to me. Since using CBD, it’s definitely helped me get deeper sleep.”

CBD and Neuropathy:

“I was diagnosed with neuropathy several years ago—and it’s something that I’ve struggled with ever since. I’d tried prescriptions, but nothing seemed to work—and CBD has really helped by not only treating the pain that I was experiencing but also helping me sleep better at night.”

“I started using CBD because my right leg was numb. After doing some research online, I realized it could be a great alternative to other medications I was using—and it ended up working better than anything else. My leg is getting better every day, and CBD has helped me get back on my feet.”