Here’s how to get cool bokeh videos with just a smartphone

surely you already know that Videography with bokeh effects is hitting hits lately. Moreover, those who often play social media, such as Instagram, videos with a blur effect on the sides of the object add to the artistic value of videos on social media.

Bokeh effect on video can be easily obtained when videographers take photos with a narrow Depth of Field camera so that more space is out of focus, then a video with a significant bokeh effect appears in the resulting video.

Well, you must be wondering, how do you produce videos with a shaking bokeh effect?

Videos with bokeh effects are very easy to get when we use a DSLR camera, but usually, people are lazy to carry around a professional camera. So, this time I want to share tips on how to get cool bokeh videos using only a smartphone camera. Curious? Come on, just look …