3 Ways to Reduce Dental Anxiety Right Now

Visiting a dentist’s office should be a worry-free experience. But for those with dental anxiety, stopping by a dentist for an appointment can be overwhelming both mentally and physically. That said, if you don’t go, your teeth could fall out, and the resulting dental problems could be expensive and annoying. Fix your dental anxiety problem right now by following these five tips.

Dentist Carrollton Texas: Relax now to follow through later

Everyone is always telling you to relax a little. To the anxiety sufferer, those words are meaningless, as feelings of nervousness, panic, worry, and restlessness can send a patient ready for dental care back to the parking lot. To reduce anxiety, take deep breaths to calm your nerves before you get in your car. Studies from Stanford University show deep breathing can increase tranquility. Alternate between inhaling and exhaling during a carefully timed session. By the time you arrive at the clinic, your head will be clearer, the edges of your nerves soothed, and your perspective of the entire experience will be altered enough for you to follow through.

Eliminate unnecessary stress by reducing caffeine intake

Limit your caffeine use because caffeine increases adrenaline release, meaning your heart will pump faster and your body may warm up. The rushing feeling of excitement and concentration you get from a cup of coffee might be okay in moderation. But a few cups too many can have you feeling jittery and nervous, maybe even scared if you have to spend significant time in the waiting room. Consider taking it easy on yourself by limiting your caffeine intake before your appointment.

Read a book to keep your mind occupied before surgeries

Before your appointment, you may be worried about pain and the way your teeth will look after an operation. To calm your racing thoughts, either bring some reading material of your own or explore the options in the waiting room. Your mind needs a break from the stress of the unknown. What better way to occupy your mind in a quiet room than to spend a few minutes reading? Medical News Today once reported that reading can even increase your life span. That means, so long as you can stay comfortable, you’ll have the mental capacity to sit through your entire appointment.

No dental clinic will be happy to see a patient walk out of the door. Especially when the dentists know that the patient needs dental care. Whether it’s dentist Carrollton Texas or anywhere else, understand that your untreated anxiety can stop you from seeking treatment. Follow these 3 steps and you’ll be on your way to seeing that visiting a dentist was a great choice after all.