4 Important You Must Have When Your Kids Have Fever

Fever is when your body temperature reaches more than 38 degrees Celsius. Fever is the body’s response to fight infections, both viruses, and bacteria. Some experts say that reducing fever might interfere the immune system in fighting infection. However, fever in children is a serious problem that must be taken care of immediately, especially when your kids cannot sleep due to the heat.

Parents’ anxiety makes them want to immediately bring their children to the doctor, even in the middle of the night. But wait a minute, before hastily taking your child to the doctor, you should have four important things below to do self-check.

1. Thermometer

A thermometer is an essential tool that can find out how severe the fever your child is suffering. The thermometer should be a digital thermometer because it is easier to read, and the measurement process is faster.

2. Drinks and food

Although parents often worry about children with high fever, actually high temperatures do not always indicate the severity of the fever. Some minor illnesses might cause a high fever; on the other hand, severe illnesses might have mild fever symptoms. What you have to pay attention to when a child has a fever is fluid intake. Do not let the child become dehydrated. In fever cases, body fluid evaporates due to the heat. Therefore, make sure the child gets adequate fluid intake, give them either water or milk.

3. Heating Pads or Hot Compresses

Put heating pads or fabrics with warm water on the body part that needs to help relieve fever in children. For example, forehead, neck, armpits, or groin. Bathing or soaking children with warm water can also be helpful.

4. Medicine

Antipyretics should only be addressed if the child’s temperature is more than 38 degrees Celsius. This drug should be taken every 4 hours if the child’s temperature has not yet dropped. However, do not address medicines too often, because every drug has side effects if given excessively. In order not to overdo it, parents must know the right dose of medication for the child.

Those are some essential things you must have when a child has a fever. But if the child’s temperature has not subsided after two days. Please visit the nearest hospital to get better treatment immediately.

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