6 The Most Effective Traditional Acne Medicine

1. Cinnamon and honey

Both of these natural ingredients are the most effective medication for getting rid of zits. Cinnamon has antimicrobial, which is suitable for killing bacteria that cause acne. While honey is a natural ingredient with antioxidants that soften the skin and prevent wrinkles. If you want to deal with acne problems naturally, Chittaway Pharmacy provides herbal medicines like cinnamon and honey for healing your skin.

2. Egg whites

The next effective traditional medicine for treating acne is egg white. Egg white contains a high vitamin, which is good for regenerating dead skin cells more quickly and safely. How to use egg whites is quite easy. Just apply it evenly to your face and leave it for several minutes. After it dries, clean your face thoroughly.

3. Aloe vera

Aloe vera leaves contain a gel that is useful for dealing with acne on the skin. Besides, aloe gel is also useful for providing nutrition to the skin naturally as a whole.

Aloe vera gel contains antibacterial, which is good for killing bacteria that cause acne. Apply aloe vera gel in your facial skin. Leave it for a few minutes and then clean it.

4. Jicama and Lime

Yam is known as one of the natural ingredients to whiten the skin. It’s the same as lime juice. The content of these two ingredients is useful for treating inflamed pimples and also disguising black spots on your face.

5. Lime

Lime is a powerful ingredient in treating acne. Before applying it to the face, you need to remember that this mask will be very sticky to your face. That’s why only use it lightly. It might be challenging to clean, and it takes patience to remove this mask slowly.

6. Garlic

Garlic is believed to help overcome infections and increase the body’s ability to fight bacteria. You can add more garlic to your daily intake, to get the benefits. It’s best if you don’t apply garlic directly to the acne-prone skin because it can irritate.