How Often Do You Need To Go To The Dentist?

We all know that we should visit the dentist on a regular basis in order to maintain proper oral health, but unfortunately, a growing number of adults are putting off their routine checkups. A lot of people are also not sure how frequently they should be visiting the dentist and wonder just how often do you need to go to the dentist, which can mean they may go years without going for a check-up. NHS dentists are busier than ever, which also means that checkups and appointments are being pushed back or delayed, so patients are going longer than is advised in-between checkups, so we would always advise choosing a private dentist, pairtcularly if you want a cosmetic treatment like Invisalign Leamington Spa based or veneers in London, to get the best possible level of care and treatment.

So, let’s take a look at how often do you need to go to the dentist.

Answered: How Often Do You Need To Go To The Dentist?

Each patient is different, so there is no one set timeframe when it comes to routine dental checkups. On average, you should look to visit the dentist twice a year, however, as mentioned, each patient is different, so you may need check-ups every 3 months, or as long as 2 years depending on your oral health.

The lower your risk of dental problems and complications, then the longer you can go inbetween appointments. People with good oral health are looking at a routine checkup between 12-24 months.


What About Other Dental Treatments?

In regards to other dental treatments and procedures, you may need more frequent checkups and appointments to maintain good oral health. Hygienist appointments, for example, are recommended every 6 months (although this is dependent on your individual oral health), as a build-up of plaque can lead to tooth decay and gum disease, both of which can be prevented and treated by a hygienist. Depending on your smile journey, whether you’re undergoing teeth straightening treatment, recovering from dental implant insertion or have recently had crowns fitted, then your dentist may want to see you more frequently to check on your progress and will advise on how often you need to go to the dentist.

Who Should Visit The Dentist More Frequently For Checkups?

As mentioned, if you have recently undergone certain treatments then you may need to visit your dentist more often. However, there are some people who are at greater risk of developing dental-related diseases and complaints who would benefit from more frequent dental checkups. These include:

  • Smokers
  • Diabetics
  • Those with gum disease
  • People with a weak immune system
  • Pregnant women
  • Patients prone to cavities or plaque build-up

Why Is Going To The Dentist Important?

Even if you brush your teeth twice a day and use mouthwash and dental floss, then you still need to visit the dentist regularly. Your dentist and dental hygienist are trained to check your mouth for any potential problems and can check for problems that you might not be able to spot on your own.

Some dental complaints, such as gum disease and cavities often aren’t visible or have any symptoms until they become more advanced. More serious dental complaints, such as oral cancers, are often spotted early on by dentists and hygienists, leading to a greater chance of survival and recovery. Keeping up with your dental hygiene routine alongside regular dental checkups is the best way to maintain good oral health.