How to make a reverse video on Kinemaster Android

Reverse video is a video that has a plot that goes backwards or backwards from the reality. If exemplified, for example, for example, there is an original video of a person walking forward, so after editing and turning it into a reverse, the original video will produce a video walking backwards. Surely, you’ve seen it, right? on YouTube or on Instagram about this reverse video, it seems like a magic video. By making this reverse video, we can produce a video with unique and creative content. But again, of course you must have an idea to make this video. Now, to make it now we can directly edit it using a smartphone. In the past, the creators had to use a PC, which in fact required complicated editing, but now we will make it easier if we use a smartphone. And in editing the video to be reverse or going backwards, we can easily use a kinemaster video editing application. This application is certainly familiar to you creators or video editing or for Android smartphone users as well. This application is an application for editing videos with full features on android. And one of them you can make a video that goes backwards or a reverse video. Apart from that, you can edit videos with various video layers or images equipped with text, and also equipped with cutting in the right video editing and so on. 

So to make this reverse video we will use the kinemaster android application. And for details about the tutorial or how to make a reverse video or reverse video, please refer to the steps below: 

How to make a reverse video or reverse video with Kinemaster: 

  • First, please make a video that you want to edit as a reverse video. 
  • If you have, please open the latest version of the Kinemaster application. Or you can use the kinemaster mod application that already supports the Reverse Effect. 
  • After the Kinemaster application opens, continue by tapping the + icon and please select the screen aspect ratio, which is 16: 9
How to make a reverse video on Kinemaster Android
  • Continue by importing / inserting the video that you created earlier into this Kinemaster application, by clicking on the media as shown below. 
How to make a reverse video on Kinemaster Android
  • Next, please select your video, trimming it in certain parts if there is a video that is not needed. 
  • Click on the video and then click reverse. 
How to make a reverse video on Kinemaster Android
  • Wait until the process is complete, and see the results. 
  • And finally, if it’s appropriate, you can just save the video. 

How, easy enough right? Reverse video will look really good, if as I said before it depends on the content idea. The more creative, the better the results. 

Okay, that’s a tutorial on how to make a reverse or a video that rewinds in the kinemaster android application. Hopefully this article can be useful for all of you and good luck with the reverse video editing tutorial above. Thank you and look forward to the next interesting article only on this blog. 

NB: for those of you who want to learn this app, you can visit this site