Know How to Treat Toothache Easily And Quickly

Toothache is not pleasant at all, sometimes trivial problems in the teeth can cause enough toothache to make the body unwell. Even tooth aches can make both physical and psychiatric conditions unstable.
Then it can not be taken lightly if there are symptoms of toothache should be before it is too late to take immediate precautions so as to prevent more severe continuing pain. This toothache is not only offensive or felt by parents and adults only, but it does not look at the age even small children can get toothache.

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The cause of toothache of various kinds but the biggest factor is due to the consumption of unhealthy foods so that it sticks to the part of the teeth and is not cleaned for a certain period of time causing the growth of germs and bacteria that can cause toothache. Piles of bacteria and germs can make teeth perforated and can cause quite a severe tooth pain.
It is necessary to be concerned are several factors that are the cause of toothache such as frequent consumption of foods containing sugar, less able to maintain good dental hygiene, dry mouth condition less drinking mineral water, smoking, consumption of certain drugs, and eating disorders such as bulimia.
Toothache can be due to inflammation or infection of the root of the tooth and also in swollen gums, it can also be because the teeth grow so that the gums are swollen and sore, it can also be due to perforated teeth and there are still some other causes.
Symptoms that can be caused by toothache are bad breath, swelling around the teeth and discomfort, dizziness too, and can also fever.
There is a simple way to treat toothache that can be done at home when the initial symptoms and not too severe such as gargling with warm water and try to clean the teeth also interested in whether there are feces that spurt and apply clove oil if there is after that compress the cheeks with a cold one. If still sick then take trusted toothache medication and make sure it is safe to consume. Don’t forget if the toothache continues then you can contact or come directly to the dentist for better treatment and treatment solutions.