Relizen: Composition, Dosage, and Interactions with Other Supplements

Relizen was created for women who go through a difficult period of hormonal changes called menopause. Every woman knows that she will definitely have to face the climacteric, as it is a natural process and is inevitable. Menopause changes, although it is a natural phase in the life of every female, cause her considerable inconvenience. The characteristic negative manifestations of the climacteric period are:

  • hot flashes;
  • night sweats;
  • vaginal dryness;
  • headaches (migraines);
  • irritability/tearfulness;
  • anxiety;
  • mood swings.

Relizen for menopause has a positive effect on various manifestations of the climacteric and improves conditions after gynecological operations for a number of symptoms. So, Relizen provides:

  • a decrease in the frequency of hot flashes;
  • normalization of unstable blood pressure;
  • a decrease in the intensity of headache and dizziness attacks;
  • decreased sensation of weakness, fatigue, and nervousness;
  • mood improvement;
  • increased sexual activity.

All this creates the conditions for improvement of the working capacity and vitality in women with vegetative and psycho-emotional disorders with menopause. Supplements for menopausal disorders can be different but Relizen is one of few which are purely natural.

Relizen Ingredients

The composition of Relizen tablets is highly natural. The main of the Relizen ingredients is the pollen of the Swedish flower. Since this component could be allergenic, manufacturers made sure that the pollen dosage was exactly such as to be safe for any woman who is going to take this supplement.

Everywhere and every hour, scientists are trying to find more and more plants and biomaterials that would facilitate the course of the menopausal period for women. One of such natural biomaterials is pollen, and preparation from it is already ready for use – Relizen for menopause.

Indications For Use

The drug Relizen is often recommended for women who, for one reason or another, cannot undergo hormone therapy with menopause – HRT. This remedy is completely natural and does not cause any side effects. Many menopausal women have already felt the beneficial effects of a natural means – Relizen. These are:

  • improving the quality of life in the menopause;
  • increased performance;
  • normalization of unstable blood pressure;
  • a decrease in such manifestations of the menopausal syndrome as hot flashes, irritability, sudden changes in mood, depressive states, extreme sweating, and sleep disturbance.

Contraindications and Relizen Side Effects

The most typical contraindications to taking the supplement Relizen are the following:

  • individual intolerance to components;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation.

Before use, it is recommended to consult a health care provider. The drug extremely rarely provokes the occurrence of Relizen side effects since it is completely natural and does not contain dyes and harmful additives.

Dosage and Administration Mode

Adults in menopause should take 2 capsules per day, regardless of food intake. The optimal duration of Relizen therapy for menopause is 3 months. It is after such a period of time that the supplement has the greatest therapeutic effect.

Relizen dietary supplement is intended to relieve and force to disappear a number of menopausal symptoms, among which the most typical are hot flashes and increased night sweats. Consultation with a doctor is necessary.