The Use of a Photocopier in Copying and Printing Documents

The primary function of the copy machine is to copy a document. Now, the photocopier is developing with various advantages and features. Now the copy machine has features to print documents directly from a computer, copy documents, scan, email, and fax.

This type of photocopier that has many functions is called a digital copier. Whereas a copy machine that can only copy documents is called an analog photocopier.

You can copy documents or scripts in 3 ways.

  • The first method is a photocopy of the ADF with non-reversible results.
  • The second method is a photocopy of the ADF back and forth.
  • The last is the most widely used copy method, which is using glass.

Things You Need to Know

How to operate a copy machine is fairly easy. You can copy one master document to 65 copies in just 1 minute. This result varies from one copier to another, depending on the ability. Some types of copiers have a lower average printing capability of 25 sheets per minute. Aside from being more comfortable, copying documents using a photocopier is more efficient in terms of cost and effort.

The use of a photocopier is identified from the part of the machine. Such as Automatic Document Feeder or ADF has the function to duplicate documents more practically without having to open a photocopier. The scanner lamp has the purpose of scanning a document through the emitted UV light. The master document will be scanned by the scanner lamp and then transferred to duplicate. It would help if you did not look at the scanner lights while the copy machine is operating because it harms vision.

The features of a digital copy machine help speed up the process of copying documents. You can print hundreds of documents in just minutes. The use of photocopiers is also more efficient in terms of cost. No wonder that many companies now have their copiers to meet the needs of copying and printing documents more efficiently. For those of you who are looking for technical logistics services to send and install a copy machine at the same time, you can try the services of Rhenus Lupprians.