Things to know about oral cavitation surgery

Dental caries (cavitation) is a decaying area inside the tooth, which is caused by a process that gradually dissolves the enamel (the hard outer surface of the tooth) and continues to progress to the inside of the tooth.

Things that cause dental caries:

Sensitive teeth, namely teeth that contain little fluoride or have holes, grooves or grooves that hold plaque.

– Bacteria, the mouth contains a large number of bacteria, but only certain types of bacteria cause tooth decay.

– Leftovers.

Under normal circumstances, there are bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria convert all food (mainly sugars and carbohydrates) into acids.

Bacteria, acids, food debris and saliva combine to form a sticky material called plaque, which sticks to the teeth. Plaque is most commonly found on the back molars.

If not cleaned then plaque will form a mineral called tartar (calculus, tartar).

Toothache can occur due to:

– the roots are polluted, but not rotted

– too strong to chew

– broken teeth.

Sinus blockage can cause the upper teeth to become sensitive.

The diagnosis is made based on the pain felt by the patient and the results of dental examination, where caries was found.

If caries is not visible, dental X-rays can be done to help find the presence of caries.

If the decay stops before it reaches the dentin, the enamel can heal on its own and the white spots on the teeth will disappear.

If the decay has reached the dentin, the decayed part of the tooth must be removed and replaced with a filling (restoration).

Treating decay at an early stage can help maintain tooth strength and reduce the chances of pulp damage.

recover with Ozone Therapy, Ozone is essentially a super-charged form of oxygen with a unique ability to disinfect. It fights various types of bacteria that cause periodontal disease, toothache, and tooth decay.

Your holistic dentist will use ozone dental therapy when he or she needs to clean certain areas of the mouth. Using a special ozone machine, your dentist will use an ozone blast to successfully remove bad microbes or bacteria.