Things To Know Before Getting A Breast Reduction

In recent years, more women are now starting to realise that bigger isn’t always better when it comes to breast size. It can cause a range of different difficulties throughout life. If one has had large breasts since puberty, then you may have posture issues for one thing. More women are now beginning to opt for a Breast Reduction Manchester based as they have some fantastic clinics available. When one has this surgery it can literally feel like a weight has been lifted from your back, chest and shoulders. More women are choosing to have their breasts reduced instead of enlarging them as there are many benefits. In this article, we will go through some things you should know before getting a breast reduction.


You have to meet requirements to be considered


If you have a BMI of 25 or less over 2 years, you will not be able to have a breast reduction. If one has professionally fitted bras or has seen a physiotherapist, you may be able to get a reduction through the NHS. This is also the case if one has redness or infection under the breast. Basically, you need to show that you really need a breast reduction and have used all options available. There are other options available such as going privately. This will dramatically reduce the waiting time. The surgeon, however, will still want to know why you are wanting it and manage what to expect with results, just like with other Plastic Surgery Manchester facilities.


You won’t go down a size alphabetically


You may think when having a breast reduction that you would go down a size alphabetically such as a size G to an F, but it’s slightly more complicated than one would think. Having an image in mind is a great plan, and if you have images of breasts that you aspire to have, even better. It is essential to understand that when you have these images, you must be flexible with your plans as it is difficult to give a definitive cup size when you reduce. Surgeons are also unsure of how symmetrical they will be once finished. If one was having breast implant replacement surgery, then this would be a different story as there would be able to roughly determine the end result size.


It can be painful, but you’ll manage


Once you have come out of your breast reduction, you are obviously going to feel some soreness for the first couple of days, this won’t be too much to handle though. Your surgeon will give you some medication for the first couple of days but after that, you will only need over the counter painkillers. Other nuisances include the stitches being removed, the scabbing of the scars that you can’t scratch and the drive home, so make sure you have someone to help you get home and maybe look after the house. Recovery usually takes around two to four weeks depending on your role at work. A compression bra will be placed over the chest area for optimum recovery speed.