Tips For Cooking Healthy Gourmet Food at Home

Many people find cooking healthy gourmet meals at home complicated and expensive. So they resigned before trying it. It will be even more expensive for the hospital fees that you have to spend due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Health is expensive!

For that, try changing your lifestyle by cooking healthy gourmet food yourself at home. It’s easy, you only need to buy organic ingredients at online stores that sell them in full, such as Not only that, but also sells various kinds of gluten-free products.

Apart from that, there are some other tips on cooking delicious vegan & healthy gourmet meals at home. What are some hassle-free healthy gourmet food cooking tips? Check out the full review below:

1. Prioritize Balance

The main key to serving healthy gourmet food is balance. “The important thing is balance. If you usually eat white rice at home, you can replace it with brown rice or multigrain. You can also replace sugar with honey. Or, if you usually cook, use salt, oyster sauce, and soy sauce. You don’t need to use salt anymore.”

2. Pay Attention To The Ingredients That Will Be Used

Paying attention to every ingredient No less important, you have to pay close attention to what ingredients are used in your cooking spices.

“If you can use non-MSG ingredients. It’s better if you use non-MSG sauce or seasoning, you have to read the ingredients for each bottle. Even chili sauce is non-MSG.” All products on are certainly Non-MSG.

3. Use Olive Oil.

Olive oil is an option for cooking healthily. Olive oil can also be used as a substitute for regular cooking oil. International Chefs use Olive Oil if they are asked to cook healthy gourmet meals.

4. Avoid Fried Cooking Techniques.

Many people tend to like to process dishes by roasting and boiling, rather than frying techniques. Especially for those who are on a diet program. Avoiding oily food can be one of the healthy diet patterns. As said above, olive oil is another option as a substitute for regular oil.

Easy and Healthy Professional Chef’s Choice Recipes

Professional chefs have a variety of recipes that you can use as inspiration to make premium dishes with the best ingredients at home.

No need to be surprised if we are always tempted when we see menus in restaurants or hotels made by the best chefs. Visually, these foods look very beautiful and appetizing. It tastes delicious too. One of the reasons is because they use quality and premium raw materials like those of to produce classy dishes.

We can bring the luxury and delicacy of the dishes from these Chefs to our homes by trying to make them ourselves. Here are some selected professional chef recipes that you can use as inspiration. Be sure to use quality and premium ingredients from for a classy dish and perfect taste. Here are some recipes that chefs choose that are worth practicing at home:

1. Avocado Chicken Wrap – Servings: 10 People

* Grilled Chicken Ingredients

1. 500 gr Chicken Breast

2. 10 gr organic Garlic, chopped

3. 10 gr organic Oregano

4. 5 gr Sea Salt

5. 20 gr Pepper powder

How to make

Season the chicken breast with garlic, oregano, salt, and pepper, then bake at 150* C until cooked. Cool and then slice thinly. Set aside.

* Avocado Filling Ingredients

1. 750 gr Frozen Avocado Salud

2. 15 gr Organic Garlic, Chopped

3. 25 gr Organic Coriander Leaves

4. 50 gr Organic Onion, Chopped

5. 50 gr Organic Tomato, diced

6. 25 gr Jalapeno, diced

7. 2 gr Chicken Broth

8.5 gr Sea Salt

9. 10 gr Pepper

How to make

Mix all ingredients, making sure to mix well. Set aside.

* Avocado Chicken Wrap

1. 1pc Wheat Tortilla

2. 50 gr Avocado Stuffing

3. 50 gr of sliced ​​roasted chicken

4. 10 gr Organic Arugula

How to make

On one side of the tortilla, arrange the grilled chicken slices, avocado, and arugula filling. Roll up into a cylinder. Ready to eat straight or dipped in sauce.

2. Aligot – Servings: 4 People


1. 75 gr Potato Flakes

2. 450 grams of water

3. 225 gr cooking cream

4. 90 gr Mozzarella (grated)

5. 30 gr Cheddar Cheese

6. 4.5 g chicken stock

7. 4.5 gr Pepper

8. 1 gr Dried Parsley

9. 1 gram Oregano

How to make

1. Heat the water and broth, after boiling, lower the heat from the stove and add the potato flakes, stir until well blended and not lumpy

2. Add the grated Mozzarella Cheese and Cheddar Cheese, and stir again until well blended

3. Season with chicken stock, pepper, and dried scallions

4. Can be enjoyed directly or as a side dish