Types And Indications Of A Sports Mouthguards

The practice of sport has been increasing in recent decades. This provides multiple benefits for our general health and forms a fundamental role in the prevention of possible future diseases. During the practice of some contact sports, such as rugby, basketball or hockey, the oral cavity can be a risk area for being hit and injured. This is why in many sports it is necessary to use a mouth guard.

Mouth guards refer to any appliance that covers the teeth to protect them from any injury that may occur to them. Those that are used especially for sports activities are called sports mouth guards. These can help prevent injuries to the teeth, cheeks, lips, and mouth and limit damage from a blow to the face.

What Are The Indications For The Use Of A Sports Mouth Guard?

The use of sports mouthguards is recommended in all those sports considered risky or contact sports, with other participants or with hard surfaces. Some of these sports are rugby, football, basketball, hockey, or boxing.

What Types Of Sports Mouth Guards Are There?

Custom-fitting mouthguards are classified primarily and perfectly designed. There are three types: custom-made protectors, so-called thermo-adaptable and those that are prefabricated.

Custom-made mouthguards are those that are made in the dental office and are tailored to each patient and dental arch. These types of protectors are considered the most effective and best absorb and disperse force in the event of a blow to the mouth area. They are also the most comfortable protectors to use as they are not bulky and have a perfect fit. So it does not interfere with sports practice.

Other types of mouth guards are called thermo-adaptable. They are made of a thermo sensitive material that conforms to the mouth if submerged with boiling water since the internal plastic softens. These types of protectors are not made in dental offices, but are purchased at pharmaceutical stores. There are several sizes so that the most suitable can be selected. In addition, these types of protectors often do not fully cover the teeth or even cover the gums to protect them.

Mouthguards are used to prevent damage to the teeth from injuries that can happen when practicing these sports, their effectiveness is proven and they can also help cushion the blow received in the face.

The best mouth guards are custom made by your dentist for your mouth. However, if you can’t afford a custom mouthguard, you should use the pre-made or custom boil and bite mouthguards you can find at drugstores.

Find Out More About Each Option:

  • Custom Made: We make these braces in our clinic and tailor them to each patient. They are individually crafted to fit you and be comfortable, so they are more expensive than other versions.
  • Boil and Bite: These mouthguards are available at many sports stores and drugstores and often fit better than pre-made mouthguards. First, boil it in water to make it soft, and then insert it to fit the shape of your mouth. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • ●        Prefabricated: Inexpensive, preformed and ready to use. Unfortunately sometimes they don’t fit your mouth well. They are bulky and can make it difficult to breathe or speak.

The last type of sports mouthguard is custom-made mouthguards. As the name says, they are those that are already prepared previously so they cannot be adapted and there are not many measures to select from. These are the protectors that least adapt to the mouth, which is why they are considered the most uncomfortable to wear.