Ways to Effectively Teeth Whitening

The teeth are our best letters of introduction, healthy, clean, white teeth, immediately reflect the personality of someone who cares about their personal care, health and hygiene. However, yellow or grayish teeth, which are not only a consequence of poor dental hygiene – we can brush 3 times a day and be free of plaque – do not convey the best possible image of us to the people we speak with.

Why do teeth lose their white hue or look like discoloured teeth? Time is the main ally of yellow teeth, wear and tear, and the natural dyes of some foods (tea, coffee, and some vegetables) or substances (cigarettes) that we consume in our daily lives, as well as age, change tooth color until they become yellowish or gray tones.

It is important that we do not overlook teeth whitening to improve their appearance and health and of course, if you are here it is because you are looking for the most appropriate information to achieve white teeth again. In our dental clinics at the Innovativedental, in Australia you will be able to undergo the most modern treatments to whiten your teeth; you will see how your appearance changes radically.

How Can I Whiten My Teeth?

There are professional and home methods to whiten your teeth. Of course, when you go to the Innovativedental dental clinic in Australia, your dentist will provide you with the best alternative so that you can achieve your goal.

Today we will explain the different ways to whiten teeth that you can have access to, depending on the case and your needs. Each of these types of whitening has its advantages and disadvantages, its procedures to a greater or lesser extent complex, we want to explain step by step what your experience would be like if you chose any of them.

In the end, you will be the one to decide, always with the advice and help of your dentist, the type of treatment that you think is best:

Whiten Teeth With The Dental Laser

Currently the use of lasers in dental procedures is increasing, not only for teeth whitening but also for the treatment of various conditions in your mouth.

At the dental clinic we will carry out the necessary tests to make sure that you do not suffer from too much sensitivity in your teeth, otherwise at the end of your whitening you could increase this degree of sensitivity and have not very pleasant consequences when eating cold or hot things.

Philips Zoom! Whitening technology is performed in a single session within the Innovativedental dental office. Previously, your dentist will place a protective gum paste to prevent the chemicals used for whitening and the laser from damaging the gums of your mouth. With the use of laser technology for teeth whitening, it is possible to choose the final level of whiteness resulting at the conclusion of the whitening.

It is recommended that this procedure is not performed very constantly because it can damage tooth sensitivity. We recommend that you perform whitening every 6 or 8 months maximum. A reasonable time that can be even longer if you have good brushing and hygiene.

Whiten Teeth With Splint

This method is one of the most preferred by most people; to be able to whiten teeth with a splint, it is necessary to go to your clinic so that your dentist can make a mold of your teeth. These types of molds are simple to make: your dentist will take the impression of your entire mouth and from there a plaster mold of your teeth will be made. With it, your respective splints will be manufactured which will be delivered to you days after your taking of impressions.

Once you have your splints you will give you the bleach that you will use, you can find them for day or night use. Whitening is a gel that is placed in your splint, which when placed on your teeth will start the whitening process. If you opt for whitening with a splint, it should always be under the supervision of your dentist and with the indications for use that they give you.

Whiten Teeth With Led Light

This type of whitening is very similar to that used with laser, but it is done in several sessions. When you go to your Innovativedental dental clinic, we will perform a deep cleaning to remove accumulated dental plaque and will provide you with a later appointment to continue with the process.

In the second session when we will start to whiten the teeth with LED. We will put a gum protector and the liquid that allows you to whiten your teeth, previously a color sample is taken so that the patient chooses the shade they want to reach, which must be endorsed by their dentist.

Whiten Teeth With Veneers

The use of veneers to whiten teeth is only used when due to a health problem; the teeth have not been able to completely remove stains despite having tried the other treatments, even when there is dental aging and hypersensitivity that they no longer allow to do use of bleaching chemicals on the patient. Access this section to see the veneer treatments that we do at the Innovativedental.

Veneers are prostheses that must be placed by professionals, who must give the appropriate aesthetics to each of the teeth that will carry this technique. We could not say that this is a whitening process; Rather, it is an option to cover teeth that have not been able to regain their natural color. In recent years, the use of dental veneers has become popular especially among actors, models and people who seek to take care of their image.